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I grew up working in my mom and dads coffee shop while I was in high school. They sold coffee for .25 a cup and it was fresh brewed! I learned many valuable business lessons over the years that have made me successful in the business world. One of the biggest things I learned was how to treat customers and build relationships that can last a long time. Last year we lost my mom after she got Pancreatic cancer and in what seemed like the blink of an eye our lives changed forever. My dad lost his spouse of 55 years, his soul mate and his business partner all at once. I decided that the best way to honor her memory was to create Pops coffee shop so my dad at 81 years old now would have a place to go and meet people and create some more relationships as they had done together for so long. I also wanted to create something good for our community and a legacy for my children and my family for generations to come. I picked Ortley Beach, NJ as the location because the people of the community had been hit so hard by Hurricane Sandy and today are still fighting to get back to normal. We now have an opportunity for people to come together, have a good cup of coffee for a reasonable price and meet some new friends or hang out with some old ones. We are committing to donating 50% of every dollar we earn to two charities, first the Pancreatic Cancer foundation and second to the Make A Wish foundation which has always been near and dear to my family. We hope to see you soon.!

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We are ready to serve you the best coffee in town. Contact us with any questions, and come on in for a refreshing drink to relax with friends and family!

We are located at:

1951 RT 35
North Ortley Beach
NJ 08753
Hours: 7am-2pm(Fri - Mon)| Closed (Tue - Thur)